We at Casa Mitsubishi love to help parents get their cars ready for driving kids back and forth to school and events. We feel like it is important to keep the younger generation as safe as possible with good preparation and safety habits.

Basic maintenance is important when preparing for fall driving. Your wipers and fluids may need to be replaced. Your tires may also need to be rotated. This is the time of the year when getting out your owner's manual is a good idea, to make sure you are following the suggested maintenance schedule.

Feeling safe and secure starts with a good roadside kit. You can buy a prepackaged kit or make one on your own. Adding blankets, water, and food to your kit is a great idea.

Staying organized is easy and important when transporting many people. Trunk and backseat organizers will help keep all of the little things in a secure spot. Kids will also have an easier time getting their things if they know where to put them when they get in the car.

Stop in to ask us questions about fall driving and get your car serviced when you are in Albuquerque!



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