A soft, comfortable pillow next to your head at night is a good thing, but if your vehicle's brake pedal is feeling soft or spongy, it's an early warning sign that something is malfunctioning with your brake system. At Casa Mitsubishi in Albuquerque, our service technicians stand ready to inspect your brake system for leaks and other issues that can cause your brake pedal to feel soft when you apply pressure.

Brake lines corroded by rust or air in the brake lines can cause the brake pedal to lose firmness, limiting your ability to stop quickly. Corroded disc brake calipers, wheel cylinders corroded by leaking brake fluid, and an aging master brake cylinder can all clause the brake pedal to have that dangerous spongy feeling. To avoid causing an accident due to lost braking power, don't delay in replacing or repairing your braking components as soon as the brake pedal starts feeling soft.