If your fuel system isn't adequately pumping fuel from your vehicle's gas tank to the engine, you'll likely have advance notice that trouble is brewing if you pay attention to these fuel pump warning signs. If the fuel pump is failing, the engine will sputter temporarily while you're driving at high speeds. If your temperature gauge rises higher than normal, your fuel system needs attention.

Your fuel pressure gauge reading while the car's engine is revving can also serve as another warning signal. Does your car hesitate when towing a heavy load or climbing up a hill? Surges in power also indicate fuel pump issues. A sudden decrease in gas mileage as well as the failure of the engine to start also mean you need a service appointment so that the auto service technicians at Casa Mitsubishi in Albuquerque, NM can check your fuel system. A well-maintained fuel system contributes to good mileage and safer driving.

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